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About NuEarth Soil Solutions

Enrich soil, enrich yields,

enrich life

Since 2008, we have advocated for improving soil health. Through combining his experience with the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, Cargill Grain and Richardson’s Pioneer Grain elevators, Terry Stroshein founded NuEarth Soil Solutions to see change happen in the grain industry. Through taking a progressive agricultural approach to farming, we are finding new farming methods that help provide the plant with the necessary nutrients to thrive, while also caring for your soil with more sustainable farming practices. Progressive agriculture focuses on improving the health of the soil that has been degraded by the use of heavy machinery, fertilizers, and pesticides in intensive farming operations. As stewards of the land, steps taken in progressive agriculture farming methods do not harm the climate but rather can boost soil productivity and income.

Soil science in agriculture seeks to focus on the quality, quantity and management of soil. Our team is passionate about continuing to learn and grow in our knowledge of soil to better understand plant and soil interactions throughout the growing cycle. We work closely with credited crop advisors and agronomists to help our clients customize crop inputs to obtain the yields needed this season and for many seasons to come.


To keep our planet healthy, and for humanity to continuously enjoy the richness of the soil.


To champion progressive practices by helping you to put the kind of inputs into your crops that will help your ecosystems thrive for generations to come.