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Sunalta Boron
Concentrated solution of boron in a borate form suitable for soil application
In-Furrow Liquid
Is extremely economical to correct highly deficient soils

What is it?

  • Fully soluble and the most appropriate form to provide boron in a soil solution in a timely manner for annual and perennial crop
  • Perfect for blending and application with fertilizers and pesticides

why use it?

  • Use with glyphosate at pre-burn or other soil-applied liquid fertilizer or humate products
  • Use to correct boron deficiencies in crops found mainly in soils with low organic matter content, in acidic and sandy soils
  • Boron availability to plants generally decreases with increasing soil pH, especially above pH 6.5. However, soils that are strongly acidic (having a pH less than 5.0) can also be low in available boron due to the interaction of soil minerals such as iron and aluminum oxide.
  • The most consistent responses to this boron product have been observed on coarse-textured soils with low organic matter content and on recently limed acidic soils over the whole range of soil textures.
  • Tillage and drought conditions should also be considered when assessing boron availability.

What to expect?

  • Improved cell wall structure by enhancing the uptake of calcium, which leads to stronger and healthier seedlings with more branching
  • The sound development of the xylem and phloem vessels early on in the development of the seedlings improves translocation of water, minerals and carbohydrates.
  • Correction of boron deficiency
  • Fast-acting and long-lasting effect: applied onto the soil, the boron is slow-release and becomes available when most needed at the bolting stage.
  • Boron regulates hormone levels in plants for growth and reproduction, which improves cell division at root tips, leaf and bud development

Application Guidelines

  • The product is recommended at 2-4 L/ac depending on the soil test
  • Use for soil application, during pre-burn or along with other applied liquid fertilizer or humate products.
  • The amount of boron used in the soil as fertilizer varies according to application, soil moisture and rain, soil liming, organic matter and more importantly plant type. A soil test should be used as an indication of deficiency.

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