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Soil and Tissue Sampling

To better meet the needs of your crop, we need to know where we are starting from. Soil samples and tissue testing provides you with an in-depth understanding of what nutrients are present in your soil and its current health. Your crop can thrive or suffer if it lacks the necessary nutrients during the growing season, and a tissue test can help you to understand how a plant is responding to its environment. At NuEarth Soil Solutions, we believe in a foundation of truth, and that is why every recommendation that we give to our farmers is based on data found in soil samples and tissue tests. Once a soil sample has been collected, lab results are available within 5 to 7 days after it has been received.

What Can I Learn

from a Soil Sample?

Soil Sampling


What is the Role of

Tissue Testing?

Each type of crop absorbs nutrients differently, and that can be reflected in its growing cycle. Tissue tests can help you give a better understanding of how the plant is responding to the soil and the management of nutrients. You can learn how the available nutrients are being absorbed from the soil and the movement of nutrients throughout the plant. These tests are indicators of vulnerabilities in the plant and excess or lack of nutrients present. Fertilizer needs can be customized specifically to the plant for maximum yields.

Did you know that tissue testing can help you to spot fungus or disease early? You will know what to spray for before the plant is ready for harvest, and see what other nutrient absorption issues are present.

Interested in enriching your soil and yields? Contact us today to book a consultation for a soil sample or tissue test this season!