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Our Process

At NuEarth, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional forms of farming and finding a more progressive and sustainable approach to soil health. To start the growing season on the right foot, we are firm believers in education and asking the right questions.

Site visits and


You are the expert on your farm, from working the land to knowing the crop history. During a farm call, we work with you to learn more about your farm, your growing experience, and your land. Some of the information that we collect includes:

To gain a better understanding of the land, we set up a soil sample or collect information if one has already been done. We will work with you to develop a budget and services overview depending on your needs or expectations to meet your goals for the year. Once soil sample results are ready, a follow-up meeting will be scheduled to go over recommendations based on the findings.

Through educating our partner farmers and entrepreneurs and finding the right product and service for your unique soil and crop, we help you reach your margin goals and reap the benefits of a healthier soil and crop.

When should I book a consultation?

You can sign on for new services at any point in the year. Soil sampling typically takes place in the fall, with follow-up consultations occurring after we have reviewed the results. Conditions can be assessed before the seed is planted, with recommendations provided throughout the growing season regarding nutrient needs, deficiencies, and fungal or pest control. Interested? Contact us today to book a consultation.