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Eco-Tea HDI Residue Digestor
Bring your soil back to life
Late Application Foliars

Three-part liquid biological inoculant built to help restore biodiversity in soil

What is it?

  • EcoTeaTM residue management is a three-part liquid biological inoculant built to help restore biodiversity in soil.
  • Made up of HDI High Density Inoculum (Part A), Liquid Microbial Foods (Part B), and Balanced Catalyst (Part C). Must be mixed prior to application.
  • EcoTeaTM is an ecologically engineered microbial product with an added blend of humic, fulvic, long-chain amino acids – Atlantic kelp extract, simple/complex carbohydrates, enzymes and additional beneficial microbes.

why use it?

  • Increases Carbon and CO2 respiration in the soil and more
  • Recycles Nitrogen and Phosphorus for the next growing season
  • Increases soil biodiversity with beneficial fungi, bacteria, protozoa.

Application Guidelines

  • Mix Part B, EcoTeaTM Liquid Microbial Foods into Part A, EcoTeaTM HDI. Use a paint mixer or recirculation pump for best mixing.
  • Add Part C, EcoTeaTM Balanced Catalyst immediately prior to application. Mix thoroughly.
  • Dilute 1:3 parts EcoTeaTM HDI to dechlorinated water.
  • Apply to residue/soil at a rate of 10-20 gallons of EcoTeaTM per acre (diluted rate).
    • Example: Mix 2.5 gallons of concentrated EcoTeaTM (Part A, B and C) with 7.5 gallons of dechlorinated water. Apply 10 gallons per acre of total solution. Please note: You can keep your EcoTeaTM aerating 24-48 hours until ready to apply. Only add Part C, Catalyst when you are ready to apply. We also advise to take out all inline screens and filters before spraying.
  • EcoTeaTM HDI must come in contact below the soil surface, and have residue-soil contact. Options for ensuring residue-soil contact:
    • After spraying residue, incorporate residue as soon as possible, a light harrow is recommended to ensure residue-soil contact.
    • EcoTeaTM can be sprayed onto residue/soil, after soil has been slightly exposed with a light tillage/heavy harrow pass. Please note: Do not spray in full sun, ideally spray in the evening or an overcast day is okay. For most effective results, adding slightly higher dilution with water, or applying just before a rain event will allow the biology to disperse throughout the soil surface more effectively.
  • Application Rate: Apply at a rate 2.5 gallons per acre (concentrate). 1000 L (250 Gallons) of EcoTeaTM HDI will cover 100 acres.

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